After the Storm…Tin of Cards Class

Hello again, stamping friends!  Well, I hadn’t planned on being away from posting for the last few days – but a powerful windstorm took the decision out of my hands!  You may have seen it on the t.v. news – our area (lower mainland British Columbia – Vancouver) experienced some crazy wind over the weekend, and as a result, a lot of people have been without power, internet and cable.

We were one of the fortunate areas; our power was restored on Saturday afternoon; people in some areas are still without power – my parents only just got power back this afternoon!

It was super windy, with gusts up to 90 km h, which resulted in of course trees knocked down everywhere; here are a couple that went down behind our house – thankfully they fell away from the house, and missed our neighbours, as well.

tree behind house

This is looking out our basement door – you can see how the tree was totally uprooted, and is laying right across the back path.

root ball

This one fell amongst the other trees; I could only safely get a picture of it’s root ball.  I’m not sure if the top 1/2 of it landed in the neighbour’s yard, or if it landed on the outside of their fence.


This in just one ‘arm’ of a tree that broke and landed all the way across the path; our dog can go under it, but people have to climb over it!  The city still hasn’t come to chop the trees up, and take them away,  yet.  There were a lot of streets closed, with trees landing on streets, and we saw one land right on top of a bus shelter – I’m so glad no one was sitting there when it happened!  Scary stuff! :O

So – back to stamping news!  There’s still time to sign up for my Tin of Cards Class – I just checked the backorder report, and it looks like the kits won’t ship until September 11th, so I will be rescheduling the class to September 18th.

This is what is included in the kit:

SU tin of cards

These are the completed cards – I just finished putting my kit together!

tins of cards completed

I love this kit – it comes with everything to make 16 cards; 4 each of 4 designs, plus the cute tin to keep them in!  All card bases, layers, die cuts & embellishments are included in the kit.  At the class, you’ll use my stamp set, inks and any additional adhesives needed.   The cost is $40 – please RSVP by tomorrow – Tuesday Sept. 1st so that I can pre order the kits.  Either email me at or call me at 604.298.0472 to register.  If you want to order, but can’t make the class date, we can work that out, too!  How about a private class for you & your friends?

I’ll be back tomorrow with the new Weekly Deals – in the meantime, be sure to check out my Events page for all my upcoming classes!  Be sure to register ASAP, as space is limited!

Until next time – happy stamping!

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