Alcohol Ink Projects in the Works

Happy Tuesday, my friend! If you’re in New Orleans, or just into parties, it’s happy Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras! However you’re spending your day, I hope it’s a good one. I have some alcohol ink projects in the works to share with you today. The thing with working with inks is that it’s not always possible to finish them in one sitting. That’s depending on the project, of course. A card is easily finished in one sitting – the ink dries quite quickly on a small surface. But, I’m working on other projects – to be announced! – that require more than 1 step. So, I thought I’d share with you the first step.


I’ve created some backgrounds on Yupo with alcohol ink. I’ll be using these for my projects – but I’m not ready to spill that part of the secret yet!

Alcohol Ink Projects in the Works

As you can see, I’ve used a LOT of different colours! To create the top left and bottom right, drop the colours onto a panel of Yupo one at a time. Next, add a few drops of alcohol blending solution. Allow the inks to flow & bloom into each other. The effect for the other 3 panels is achieved by applying the ink colours onto a felt applicator, and pouncing & turning the applicator onto the Yupo. The piece in the middle left also uses Silver mixative. For the piece on the top right, after the panel was dry I traced some of the outlines with a Krylon 18 karat gold leaf pen.


Alcohol Ink Projects in the Works

There’s only 2 colours used for these pieces – Ranger Pitch Black, and Gold mixative. Alcohol ink blending solution is also mixed into the inks, to get them to move – more so in the gold, than the black.

For the top left and right pieces, pour black and gold into separate wells of an ink palette. Use a fan brush to pick up first the black ink, and drag it across the Yupo. Don’t cover it completely – leave a bit of white in between. Next, add the blending solution into the gold mixative, and mix together.  Now pick up the ink with the same fan brush, and drag the ink over & between the black ink.  Repeat this step several times with both colours, until you’re happy with the coverage.

To create the bottom left piece. apply the black ink directly from the bottle onto the Yupo, in lines. Leave space in between them. Next, apply the gold ink directly to the Yupo in between the black lines. Now, add blending solution across each line, and move the inks with a small brush.


So, can you guess what I’ll be making with these panels? I’d love to hear what you think! Maybe you have ideas that I haven’t thought of yet 🙂 Before I can finish my projects, I have to move onto the next step. That is to seal these panels with Krylon Kamar varnish, and then with a Krylon UV protector spray. The Kamar seals the ink so that it doesn’t run or shift; the next is to protect the inks from fading in light. Alcohol inks are not light-fast, meaning that exposure to light over time will cause the inks to fade.

I’m really excited about this project; I’ll be back to share the finished results with you as soon as I’m done!


I’ve used a lot of different colours, so I’m only going to link to a few in my supply list. By clicking on the links, you can then search for any specific, or look at all of the colours available.

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