Beautiful Brusho Class


This past Sunday, I held my Beautiful Brusho Class – and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time!! Not just because I love using the Brusho Crystal Colours , but watching the class participants discovering how much fun they are to use was great!

We worked away for a solid 1 1/2 hours – but it flew by, because we were having such fun. After learning the basics of what Brusho Colour Crystals are, and how to use them, we went through 6 different techniques – each giving a different, unique result.

The part I like best about using Brushos is that even though we were each doing the same technique, although sometimes each using different colours – everyone achieved different looking results! Because of either the amount of water used, or the direction of spray, or the mixing of colours, no 2 projects are ever going to look exactly the same. If you have extreme OCD, and like to control every aspect of your project, then these are probably not the colouring medium for you! Except for using them as actual watercolours, the ‘control’ is rather loose.


In case you missed my previous posts on this topic, Brusho Crystal Colours are highly-pigmented, artist quality watercolour ink crystals. They hold amazing deep colours, and are activated by water. You can mix with water, to create watercolour washes, or sprinkle directly onto water-washed paper, and watch the colours burst! Made in the U.K., they’ve been around since the late 1970’s, but have just lately started emerging from the ‘true artist’ community into the ‘crafting’ community.

Stampin’ Up! has just started carrying the 5 pack of colours, which include Brilliant Red, Gamboge, Moss Green, Prussian Blue and Yellow.

Beautiful Brusho Class

The best tools used with the Brusho are the Stampin’ Spritzer, Aqua Painters, Watercolour Paper, and Glossy Cardstock. With these basics, you can then add on some fun tools, such as our image stamps in either wood, clear or photopolymer; Embossing powders, Heat Tool, stencils or Masks, and Versamark ink. There are a lot more products you can use to achieve different techniques and results, but those are the ones that we used in the Beautiful Brusho Class.


For the basic technique to create a background, you start with a panel of Watercolour Paper, a Stampin’ Spritzer and your Brusho colours of choice.

First, sprinkle the Brusho colours onto your Watercolour paper, keeping in mind that when you add the water, the colours will mix a bit – so you don’t want ‘muddy’ colours. Next, use the Stampin’ Spritzer to spray water onto the dry colour crystals – and watch the colours bloom!

As the colours dry, you can either add more crystals, or more water, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Once we had done the basic technique, we used it to create a card that you’ll see in tomorrow’s post, with the Paper Craft Crew theme challenge for this week – so be sure to check it out!


Another technique we used is to complete an image with Brusho, first by stamping part of the image with one of our stamps. For this, we used the Sheltering Tree stamp. First, cover the image with Versamark ink, then immediately cover it with Soft Suede ink. Stamp onto the Watercolour Paper, then cover the image with Clear Embossing Powder. After removing any excess powder, set the embossing powder with the Heat Tool.

Next, sprinkle the Brusho Crystal Colours that you want to use for the ‘leaves’ and the ground area. The colours I used are Brilliant Red, Yellow, Moss Green and Gamboge. At the bottom, I added Moss Green and a bit of Prussian Blue.


Beautiful Brusho Class

In this next picture, I left the tree un-embossed, so that everyone could see how the ink would ‘run’ when the water is added. That’s because our Classic inks are water-based.

Beautiful Brusho Class

This next picture shows one of the class participants, Debbie, with her card. I love how she tilted the card when spraying her ‘grass’; it looks like you can see the blades of grass!

Beautiful Brusho Class

We did a lot of techniques, so I’ll be sharing them with you for the rest of the week! It was so much fun; if you missed the class, but would like to try these out, let me know. I’m thinking of either scheduling another class, or doing videos with accompanying PDF instructions. If you’d be interested in either, please comment on this post, so I know!


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    1. It certainly was more fun than the Super Bowl – for me, at least, Buffy! I’m excited to share the rest of the techniques we practiced – stay tuned! 🙂

  1. Yes it looks like fun. Would like to see more way to use these with printable instructions, I live in Australia

    1. Hi Kae! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad to know that you’d like to see the printable instructions for the Brusho Crystal Colours. I’ll be working on them soon!

    1. We’d have such a fun time stamping & visiting, if we lived closer, Susan! We should start a regular technique or card stamp day where we both use the same stamp or technique!

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