All the Good Things DistINKtive Stamp

All the Good Things Distinktive Stamp

ALL THE GOOD THINGS DISTINKTIVE STAMP You may remember me posting a while ago about all of the new DistINKtive Stamps in the new catalogue. If you missed it, you can READ IT HERE. I showed pictures of each of the different stamps. You’ll notice that they have a unique […] Read more »

Bokeh Dots with Dandelion Wishes

Bokeh Dots with Dandelion Wishes

BOKEH DOTS WITH DANDELION WISHES Okay – here are 2 of my new favourite stamp set! I’ve paired Bokeh Dots with Dandelion Wishes, and I love it! The Bokeh Dots stamp creates such a soft looking background, which lets the Dandelion Wishes show off it’s beauty. DANDELION WISHES I’m sure […] Read more »

What Helps You Get Through the Day?

What Helps You Get Through the Day?

WHAT HELPS YOU GET THROUGH THE DAY? Short answer for me? Coffee! Yup – coffee! Hot, iced, at home, take out or anywhere else; the answer is coffee. What helps you get through the day? Do you prefer tea, or fruit smoothies? Maybe one of those horrible looking/smelling ‘protein drinks’? […] Read more »


Losing My Marbles

LOSING MY MARBLES Okay, maybe I’m not completely losing my marbles – but some days it feels like it! 🙂 But at least I can laugh at myself while it’s happening. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets distracted by funny posts on the internet, not to mention […] Read more »


Bokeh Stars Background

BOKEH STARS BACKGROUND The stamp set is called Bokeh Dots, but there’s actually 2 different stamps in the set. One creates the bokeh dots; the other looks kind of like fireworks, or stars. That’s the one I used today to create the background behind the leaves. BOKEH STAR BACKGROUND I […] Read more »