Hey stamping friend! Have you ever had this problem – you’ve just received your new ink pads – but one of them is stuck closed!! :O Oh no!!  Well, this recently happened for the first time to a customer of  mine – I had a distress call saying she had a stuck ink pad, and could I  help?

Well, I’d never had it happen to me personally, so I  went online because I figured if it’s happened to one person, it’s probably happened to many! Sure enough, I found a tutorial by our own Stampin’ Up! home office, explaining how to fix the problem. Even better news – their trick worked!!

So here I’d like share it with you!


Stuck Ink Pad

Stuck Ink Pad

It always seems so easy, after you  know the answer, right?! LOL! 🙂  I hope this is helpful for you; or if you’re like me and haven’t had this problem, just file it away for future use! (or to help out a friend)


The terrific thing about our ink pads is that you can refill them, when the ink starts running low, or getting dry from non-use.  Simply purchase the ink refills, and add the ink when you notice that your stamped images are not getting full coverage, or seem a bit splotchy.

Here’s a video made by Stampin’ Up! showing how to use our ink pads, and the ink refills.  (it was made for demonstrators, but applies to anyone who uses ink pads!)

Super helpful video, isn’t it?  If you have any other questions about our ink pads or refills, just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll answer you ASAP! You can order your inks and refills through my online store, which is open 24 hours a day! Click on the button below.

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