keep calm and don't panic hoard

Here we are, another Monday in this crazy world.  I feel terrible for those around the world who may have the Covid-19 coronavirus, and those at risk if they do catch it.  Trust me, I have aged parents and many friends who fall into those ‘at risk’ categories, and I want them ALL to stay well!  What everyone needs a good dose of, right now, is common sense.  First, keep calm, and don’t panic hoard (unless it’s craft supplies). I mean this! There are many, many people – a lot who fall into the ‘at risk’ categories – who can’t stock pile non-perishable foods. Maybe because of budget restraints (think elders on fixed incomes), storage issues (people living in small apartments) or health issues (can’t carry flats of tinned goods up flights of stairs).

I was really dismayed when I went to do my weekly grocery shopping yesterday (Sunday).  I do shop once a week, and usually have to pick up extra milk during the week. Even though we live in a house, there’s only so much room, and I prefer fresh to frozen when it comes to my veggies, etc.  Well, this is what I encountered when I went to get bread.

Keep Calm & Don't Panic Hoard

Really, people?!  Let me just note here that I live in western Canada, about 1/2 hour outside of one of the largest cities, Vancouver.  We have several large bakeries that produce & supply our supermarkets – and they’re local! No long distance transport required – a half hour drive from the bakery to the supermarket.  Delivered several times a week. This? Empty shelves? No excuse for it!

At the other end of the store, I went to pick up some pasta & sauce; I do buy pre-made, and just add my own goodness to it. Well – can you guess?

Keep Calm & Don't Panic Hoard

Really, people?! Again – we live in a major urban city.  The most anyone has to travel to shop is probably 15 minutes from their home.  When the Canadian health officer suggested ‘stocking up on essentials’ they meant for maybe 2 weeks, which is the self quarantine period – not 6 months!  No one needs to buy 10 packages of spaghetti at once – no one!!  I just talked to one of my nieces, who lives in Quebec. She said that their markets have implemented a maximum purchase limit on items (number depends on the item), so that this scenario doesn’t happen. We all need to limit our purchases, people – we shouldn’t have to be told not to stockpile like the end of the world is approaching. And if the world is ending – you won’t need all that stuff you’re hoarding, anyway! Sheesh!!  (I’m not even going to mention – or question – the whole toilet paper hoarding phenomenon).

Okay – before I end this rant, I’d just like to add – PLEASE – check up on your friends, family and neighbours. Especially those who may be frail, or already immune compromised. They may be afraid to expose themselves to the crazy hoards at the market.  Or maybe they don’t drive, and can’t afford to go to 5 different stores, looking for the essentials they need for a week.  I’m sure they will appreciate you checking in on them, and letting  them know that you’re there to help, if needed. (or will assist them in getting help, if you can’t do it directly).

So, to recap; keep calm, and don’t panic hoard – unless it’s craft supplies! Feel the need to over shop? Check out my list of WHERE I SHOP for my favourite craft supply stores!  Hey – we makers were self-isolating before it was trendy, am I right?! *wink*   I’ll be back to my usual project sharing in my next post. Until then – stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun crafting!


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I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to stamp and create! I love the satisfaction of a completed project. Whether a 3D item, or a card, or scrapbook page - as long as it can create a smile, evoke a feeling, or some type of reaction in the recipient. I hope you will enjoy sharing my creations, and occasional ramblings; I'd enjoy having you stamp and create with me! :)

6 thoughts on “Keep Calm, And Don’t Panic Hoard (Unless It’s Craft Supplies)

  1. I agree Deb. I had to go to 5 stores to find toilet paper. At one grocery store, I listened to the clerk lecture a 80+ year old about how life was not fair for the clerk because she had to be exposed to all these people. Meanwhile, the 80+ had not gotten toilet paper and who knows how many times she will risk exposure to find some. I told the clerk “you are not in a high risk group” and we will all be exposed

    1. Jackie, this is so sad! That poor woman 🙁 Thankfully, I’ve read of drug stores and some smaller markets that are setting aside opening hours just for the elderly & compromised, so that they’re able to get what they need. And imposing limits on quantities – finally!

    1. It is crazy, Susan! I hope that you & Rob are staying safe, with everything going on in your prep to move.

    1. It’s total craziness, Buffy! Limits & distancing need to be enforced. It’s very troubling to see so many people disregarding the need for safety, for all 🙁 Take care of yourself & family, my friend!

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