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Welcome to another week, my friend! I hope that your weekend was enjoyable. I had fun working on a project that I want to share with you today. How would you like to make your own coasters? You can customize them to coordinate with your decor. They also make fabulous gifts, or projects for sale, if you’re into that.  Let me show you how to get started.


First, we’re going to start with something new from Tim Holtz. These hard core art panels in the Hex shape are new, released after Creativation. Wow – doesn’t that seem like it was a lifetime ago, instead of just a few months?! Anyway, these trendy shapes are the perfect size for drink coasters. Plus, there’s no prep needed – they’re ready to start creating with. Designed for alcohol inks, they are double-sided vinyl with an Engineered-Wood-Rigid-Core MDF board offering an ideal surface that remains rigid and flat. Vinyl is mounted with a pH non-yellowing permanent adhesive which creates a ready to use bright white, lightly textured surface. Available in packs of 3, 4″ hexagons.  Here’s what they look like out of the package

Make Your Own Coasters

They cannot be bent – if you tried hard enough, they’d end up breaking!


The next step is to choose which colours you’d like to use. For my coasters, I chose Citrus, Cloudy Blue, Stream, Cobalt and Vineyard. I used the same colours in the same basic pattern on each  coaster, but worked on one at a time. First, lightly cover the panel with Alcohol Blending solution. Next, work from top to bottom, starting with the Citrus (light green). To spread the ink, add more blending solution as needed, and tilt the panel from side to side. You can also use the alcohol ink brush to help with the spreading. Move onto the next colour, until the entire panel is covered. Then, set it aside to dry, and move onto the next one. Here are what mine looked like, after the ink was applied.

Make Your Own Coasters

I’m really happy with how the colour blending turned out! Now, you could leave them with just the inks, and be happy with them. I’m quite happy, but wanted to take it one step further.


I wanted to try adding some images to my coasters! So, I selected a few line image stamps from my stash. A couple of flowers from Altenew, a butterfly from Penny Black, and a dragonfly from Stampin’ Up.  Next, I worked on one at a time. Set the panel into your stamp platform – remove the cushion from the bottom. Be sure to use an anti-static bag or tool on the panel. The ink may still be a bit ‘sticky’ in places. Place the stamp where you want it stamped, then close the platform lid & pick up the stamp. Cover the stamp with Versamark ink, and press firmly onto the panel. Repeat the inking & stamping, to ensure a good crisp image.  Now, remover the panel from the platform, cover the stamping with gold embossing powder, and heat set.  Below is a picture of how mine turned out.

Make Your Own Coasters

They’re really pretty, and very shiny! I went with a sort of ‘nature’ theme for these ones. These colours would also be great for a beach or seaside theme.


The next thing you want to do is to protect your gorgeous artwork! Alcohol inks are not light-fast, which means that they fade over time when exposed to light. First, you want to ‘set’ the inks so that they don’t shift, or run. Spray them lightly with 3-4 applications of Kamar spray, by Krylon.  Second, do another 3-4 applications of UV Protectant spray, also made by Krylon.  Wait at least 15 minutes between each application. Personally, I let my sit overnight, between the Kamar and the UV sprays, so they have time to be fully dry.

Now, if you’re going to be using these coasters just for cold drinks, you can use the new Tim Holtz Clear Resin Kit.  However, that resin is not ‘food grade’, and not resistant to high heat. If you’re going to use your coasters for hot mugs, then you’ll want to purchase the appropriate resin. (I ordered my food/heat safe resin from a company called Counter Culture, in the U.S.).

As soon as I’ve finished the resin & it’s cured, I’ll be back to share with you! I can’t wait to see the finished look 🙂


I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing how easy it is to create your own decor items. You can also get these panels in different sized square and rectangle packs.  Of course, the colour combinations you can use are endless, with the huge array of alcohol ink colours to choose from. Whether you choose to stamp on your art panels is your choice!  Have an awesome day, and have fun! See you again soon.

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