Do You Like My New Look!

Have you noticed my new look? No, I didn’t get a haircut or anything – I’m talking about my BLOG LOOK!

What do you think? I have a new header, new buttons, and new Newsletter Sign-up form in the right hand side bar.  I’m in love with the new colours, and the clean look.

So, this post is all about tooting my own horn, for my new look, AND giving serious props to the person who implemented all these changes for me!  I was doing my best, trying to make the changes on my own, but struggling.

Technically challenged as I am, I started making things worse! That’s when I turned to Alison M. Wood, who saved the day (and my blog!)

Alison offers fabulous service, whether you want your entire site built, or rebuilt. She will either do it all for you, working to what you need, or she will work with you, helping you create.  Just my kind of gal! And she’s the most patient person!!


If you want a new site built for you, go to Alison M. Wood – Website and Blog Building. She has very reasonable prices, and as I said, she is a dream to work with.


If you’re like me, and just want to refresh your site and fix a few issues, then you can have Alison help you out with her WordPress Wizardry.  You identify up to 5 issues you need help with, and Alison will work with you on them, or go ahead and fix them for you!  BONUS – right now she’s offering this service for only $129 – that’s $50 OFF!

Do You Like My New Look!

I’ll tell you what happened with me. I wanted to add a Newsletter signup form onto my front page. I also wanted to add a line for ‘country’, because I live & can sell in Canada, but I know I  have readers literally world-wide.  Well, my one little change ended up in totally messing up my signup form – and I couldn’t fix it!!

I also wanted to create and change my blog header and buttons – but couldn’t figure out how to change the header. Seriously – this shouldn’t be hard, but how it was set up originally wasn’t ‘normal’.  And of course the person who did my original setup 5 years ago, isn’t doing it any longer 🙁   And given my lack of success with the newsletter form, I didn’t want to muck up my buttons either!

What to do?!

Well, luckily I have, for the past few years, been taking courses with Alison M. Wood.  She also  has a great Facebook group that you can join for FREE – it’s called Market Your Business With Joy. So I reached out, and as you can see – my blog (and pride!) were saved! 🙂  THANK YOU, ALISON! 

I hope you love my new look as much as I do! If there are any issues or drawbacks with the design – they’re all my own.  In the meantime, if you’re having blog issues, don’t fumble around any more. Just go to Alison, and let her help you out! Trust me – you’ll be glad you did! 


Do You Like My New Look

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4 thoughts on “Have You Noticed My New Look!

    1. Thank you, Jenny! I really love the watercolour look, too 🙂 And blues are my favourite – with just a little purple thrown in for good measure!

    1. Thanks Susan! I actually designed the header & widgets myself, but Alison ‘plugged’ everything in for me! (in other words -she did the hard part!) 🙂

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