Yikes! I Forgot!


Oh my goodness – I’m so sorry! I was sure that I had a post already written and scheduled for today. So, I come to check on something else – and find no post. YIKES! I forgot! However, I do have my post all ready for tomorrow – and I had pre-scheduled the one from yesterday. And, I created 3 new cards today, for future posts! So you see, it’s not that I’m slacking; I’m just not as organized as I thought I was.

Yikes! I Forgot!


Well, Alice’s approach to things haven’t worked for me, so here’s goes nothing! Ok – I have to come up with a new post, quick! (because the 3 new cards I’ve made haven’t been photographed & edited yet….). So, coming soon will be some posts on using watercolours. I mean – actual, real, watercolour paints! I’ve been using Brusho Colour Crystals for watercolouring, as well as faux water colouring with markers and ink refills.  But I’ve wanting to try proper watercolours for some time.

So, when my boys were asking me what I wanted for Christmas, I gave them a hint! Ok – I actually gave them a link to the exact page of our local Opus art store, and told them what to get me. Hints be darned – if you want something special, you gotta spell it out, or you might not get what you wanted. This is what I got.

Yikes! I Forgot!

I got two half pans of Daniel Smith watercolours; one is called ‘Floral’ and the other is called ‘Blues’. I also got a couple of Daniel Smith sample pages, so I can try out more colours, and decided which ones I want first. You can see I also got a palette, some more watercolour paper, and another brush.


First, I’ll do swatches of the colours, so that I have a reference of what the true colours look like. That makes it easier to decide which to use, when painting. Then, I’ll probably start by painting a stamped image – because I really don’t draw well!

Another of my plans is to get myself a good sketchbook, so that I can try sketching, and painting small drawings. Just to get used to the idea, and familiar with the paints. I’m not sure when I’ll have something worth sharing, but I will share, just so you can see how it’s going.


Sorry for the short impromptu post! I hope it was better than the big nothing that almost happened! I promise that tomorrow’s post is scheduled – it’s the new sketch challenge for the Paper Craft Crew. So be sure to come back tomorrow, and see what’s in store.  Until then – if you have any favourite watercolours, or brushes, or videos on how to, I’d love to read your comment if you’d like to share!

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